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  • Kashaigili, J. J.; Mccartney, M.; Mahoo, H. F. (WATERNET/WARFSA/GWP-SA, 2006)
    For the past eleven years, the Great Ruaha River which flows through the Ruaha National Park, has ceased flowing during the dry season, with extended periods of zero flow. The drying up has resulted in social conflicts ...
  • Kajembe, G. C.; Zahabu, E.; Mwenduwa, M. (FAO, 1999-06)
    In the broad sense, natural resource management can be defined as taking a firm decision about future of any area of resources, applying it and monitoring the application (Rietbergen 1993). It is widely accepted that natural ...
  • Mombo, F.; Macrice, S. A.; Luoga, E. L.; Nyanghura, Q. (Sokoine University of Agriculture & Critical Ecosystem Partneship Fund (CEPF) Marekani, 2017-03-15)
    Usimamizi Shirikishi wa Misitu ilianza mwanzoni mwa 1990, Usimamizi Shirikishi wa Misitu ni njia moja wapo ya utunzaji misitu wa kutumia jamii inayozunguka msitu husika.Sera ya Misitu ya Taifa, Sheria ya Misitu ya mwaka ...

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